Emite Make Up collaborates with Mariart School of Makeup & Hair to conduct studies about makeup. Mariart provides a comprehensive training program for those learning makeup and hairstyling. The school was established in 2002, and since then has trained a large number of qualified makeup artists and hair stylists.


All retailers of Emite Make Up have undergone customized makeup courses to acquire knowledge of the products and their proper use.

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As a makeup artist, you are always able to modify the effect produced by the proportion, form and anatomical structure of a face. You can also create illusions and manipulate shapes and characters with great accuracy. To accomplish this feat one needs a deep understanding of techniques of shadow and correction. A professional makeup artist has many additional specialized skills, such as special effects for film, the effects of light on studio work, corrective medical makeup, and others.

Makeup artists often work in teams. Along with models, actors, artists, designers, producers, and photographers, you will be given a creative outlet. Your work is important and in great demand. Color and form become part of your everyday life, along with exciting challenges in fashion and trends. The expansion of the advertising and media branch means that the demand for skilled makeup artists is constantly growing, and will continue to grow in the future. 


Airbrushing is a relatively new technique in Scandinavia. In other parts of Western Europe and in the United States this technique is common in beauty salons, for high definition film and television work, as well as for digital images related to fashion and beauty. The airbrush applies a thin layer of small, reflective particles on the skin. The advantage of airbrushing is that you can swiftly and hygienically add a perfect foundation with shading and highlighting. The technology is suited for wedding preparations, fashion shows, television work, and photo shoots. 


In collaboration with Creative Air, Mariart has introduced Sweden’s first comprehensive training course in airbrushing. The course covers every aspect, from theory, techniques, practical exercises, work safety and maintenance of the equipment. The course leads to international certification by Mariart and Creative Air Sweden. After the course you will be fully qualified to work with airbrush. 


The Makeup Course is mainly designed for those who work in the salon or beauty shop. The ability to professionally apply makeup to customers will always be useful. You need no prior experience since we start from scratch. During most of the lesson time you will practice by yourself with the help of the teacher, which means that we are able to customize the content according to your personal needs and wishes. The course is also suitable for those who are considering training to be a makeup artist. but would first like to get an idea of what the work involves.


The content of the curriculum was designed by taking the demands of the branch into consideration. Instruction includes all the basic principles and techniques of cosmetics. The goal of the course is to make you secure and confident in your choice of makeup products for customers as well as to give you the know-how needed to customize makeup for different facial structures. You are also taught how best to perform a makeup consultation with a customer. 


This course is part of the Mariart Makeup Artist Training, but for those who already are makeup artists and want specialized training in this field it is possible to take it as an independent course. There is much demand for skilled special effects makeup from film producers and art directors in the film, television and advertising industries. Even holidays like Halloween or costume parties give rise to a great demand for this skill.

The training focuses on creating different types of defects and injuries, such as wounds, scrapes, cuts, bruises, scars, burns, and so forth. The primary objective is to give you the ability to create realistic effects in, for example, films. 


As a hair stylist, you are going to be creating a wide variety of sophisticated hairdos and effective styles. You will also learn how to create changes by the use of hairpieces and wigs. Unlike hairdressers, you will neither cut nor color. Instead, you focus on achieving creative results. During studio work, filming and fashion shows your responsibility as a hair stylist is creating and supervising styles. In addition to working with models, artists and actors, there are opportunities for work at weddings. These customers will mostly be brides who sometimes want sophisticated coiffures. With the help of hair extensions and your current special knowledge, you will be a vital part of her big day.

By being responsible for both hair styling and make-up you control the entire appearance of a model. The combined skills of makeup artist and hair stylist is a popular dual competence in the workplace. At Mariart you can study both of these programs at the same time.  


The Bridal Course focuses on layouts and styling before weddings, proms and other special occasions. You will learn everything involved, from sophisticated classic coiffures to fashionable trendy styles. In addition, we will also demonstrate and recommend appropriate hair accessories, and teach you how to attach them. Of course, you will also learn about various methods of attaching hair extensions, for both padding and length. The course is suitable for anyone who is a makeup artist and wants to feel more at home preparing wedding clients, or for you who are hairdresser and want to update your styling skills. No prior knowledge is required, we start from scratch.

The course content has been selected based on current trends in hair styling and basic techniques for coiffures. Classes start with the teacher demonstrating and explaining all the techniques involved in the current styles, after that you perform practical exercises under supervision. You will gain an understanding of the different techniques and procedures as well as customer management.