Tan safely while enjoying flawless and perfect make-up with Tan Booster Bronzer!

An extremely versatile and sophisticated compact powder. Gently colors the skin while protecting it from the harmful rays of the sun, thanks to the addition of SPF 10. It’s light and easy to blend, and the texture leaves the skin silky and ultra-smooth.

The active ingredient is a biochemical complex based on substances of natural origin. It provides a substrate that is directly available for biosynthesis of melanin, and it stimulates the activity of enzymes involved in this biosynthesis. The final effect is to accelerate and reinforce the natural pigmentation of the skin with a corresponding increase in its autonomous photoprotection.

√ Powder with an amino-acid base with excellent durability and adhesive properties

√ Plant extracts derived from thistle and allantoin with smoothing properties

√ SPF 10 - Sun protection.

 Phototan - Tan boosting active ingredients which increase the durability of the tan.

√ Light talc - Mattifying and absorbent properties