Base Primer Red Coral can be used as a foundation primer or a moisturising cream. It creates an optical illusion which smooths out and hides signs of aging, pores, redness and pigmentation. Base Primer Red Coral works with all ages, skin types and skin tones. It provides an anti-aging effect, moisturizes and gives a matte and smooth finish. 

Base Primer Red Coral's key ingredient is Red coral. Red coral is rich in mineral salts, promotes the renewal of cells and hydrates the skin. The ultra-thin and soft texture also contains a combination of high-tech ingredients that together correct over-pigmentation and redness.



 With Diamond Heart Primer you provide your skin with a beautiful, healthy glow that gives a smoothing effect. You can use it on its own to create glow or as a primer under your foundation or BB Cream.  

This primer features a special mixture of color correction pigments which give an even skin tone with a corrective effect. It also includes Diamond Heart, composed of small gold-colored light-reflecting particles that give the skin a healthy glow and luster.