In 2002 we formed the idea of developing a line of professional makeup. In 2003 we started a process of product development that took seven years to complete. Our chosen approach was based on combining an artist's perspective with the practical requirements of the makeup artist. Artistically significant qualities such as creativity and perception have been combined with precision and fashion consciousness to become the backbone of our work. These are the same qualities that the leading makeup artists possess. Emite Make Up is produced in both Europe and the USA. All of our products are developed and tested very carefully before they are manufactured. We are proud today to be able to present a brand of the very highest quality.


For us, morality is as important as quality. From the raw materials to the finished and packaged products, we actively take ethical and moral issues that affect production into consideration. We have a simple philosophy and a clear vision. All products that are to become a part of the Emite Make Up range must maintain the highest possible quality and be suitable both for professional studio work and for private customers with high standards. Whether you are a professional or simply want high quality products for your personal use, Emite Make Up is the obvious choice for you! 


Apart from cosmetics, our main interest is in color. How it should be used and the things that it radiates. Some colors are said to represent various emotions. Pink stands for motherly love, red for passion and heat, green for intimacy, will, security and confidence. History also shows that people have always used colors that are inspired by nature.

We know that human beings have adorned themselves and their surroundings with stones, flowers and plants for thousands of years. Colors were produced naturally by a variety of techniques, one of which was to turn to the primary source of colors - flowers. History tells us how they were picked, ground down, had minerals added, before the mixture was left to dry in the sun. One of the first dyes to be produced was indigo, which came from the shrub called Indigo, which is native to the East Indies. Nowadays, we no longer grind the flowers, but are inspired by the colors of nature that we study and try to emulate. Throughout our travels, we have collected these colors from every part of the world. Every color in our collection has been inspired by one particular plant. Nature, with its enormous range of colors from flowers, leaves, bark, nuts, and seeds, was our guide in choosing names for our products.  


All the products in Emite Make Up's catalog have been carefully processed and tested to provide the best results. When manufacturing our products, we use only the latest technology and the finest ingredients. The products are designed to meet the demands of makeup artists for pigmentation and long-lasting effects, and they are perfect for both studio work and professional salons. If you are a private person, you will get to know how a first-class product feels in terms of ease of application, a pleasant feel on the skin, and a durability that holds all day.

We have also eliminated perfume from most of our products since this is the principal cause of allergies and irritated skin  


With makeup, pigment is the main component. The type of pigment used, the optimal amount of the active ingredient, and the way in which it is processed. Depending on the desired results, there are a number of ways to produce and apply pigments.


In the same way that advances in the film industry have refined photographic techniques and the production of images, modern products are required that have been developed to achieve a fine-grained separation of particles. Traditional makeup does not give sufficiently natural results for filming and photography that use HD technology, and for this reason makeup artists choose newer products that are adapted to this sort of work.  


To meet our high standards, we use micronized pigment in most of our products. We are confident that micronized products are much easier to work with, and provide the best finish. We also produce "pure pigments" that are entirely without so-called fillers, or any other additives. Micronizing means that the pigment is atomized through a special technique. Particles of pigment are forced at high pressure through a cylinder, which creates a centrifugal motion. The particles strike against each other and are broken down into very small parts. These elements are captured by a vacuum function and leave the process as a processed micronized product. This technology is far superior to the traditional techniques that are still widely used for processing pigments.

We have chosen the world leader in this field, the Swiss company Micro-Macinazione, to micronize our pigments. Micro-Macinazione has processed pigments since the 1970s and today uses absolutely cutting-edge micronizing technology.  


Maria Nyström - CEO EMITE MAKE UP

Maria Nyström has been engaged in the cosmetics industry for most of her adult life. Early in her career she became profoundly interested in the product, both in terms of its formula, content and design.

In addition to her active career as a freelance makeup artist, she was for several years employed by an international supplier of cosmetics. Maria has even experience as a lecturer and instructor in the fields of beauty and cosmetics. She has for a number of years been the principal of one of the leading makeup schools, the Mariart School of Makeup & Hair. Maria's passionate commitment to cosmetics, together with her drive and ambition, has advanced Emite Makeup to make it a brand in the premium class.